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Sheridan Appraisers and Asset Liquidation of New York, LLC
Cooper Station, P.O. Box 550
New York, NY 10276-0550
Phone: (917) 445-4184

liquidation and consignment services

Experienced Consignment Services & Asset Liquidators for NYC & the Tri-State area



For those who need to liquidate the contents of an estate or are looking to sell all or part of a fine art collection, have decorative art or other collectibles (including paintings, prints, sculpture, silver, jewelry, and other works of art), Sheridan Appraisers and Asset Liquidation of New York, LLC offers a full range of consignment services, taking care of the process for you. From the on-site inspection, generation of the inventory list and removal of the items consigned, to marketing, selling and reporting, we handle every aspect of your consignment with great care.

Whether we are representing clients at high-end auctions, selling through galleries, private dealers or other methods, no other company can match the care, expertise, and resources we have to be sure you receive the highest possible price for your belongings.

How it works

Knowledge of marketplace conditions is vital in obtaining the highest potential sale price for your fine art, antiques, collectibles and other personal property.   This is another area in which Sheridan Appraisers and Asset Liquidation of New York excels.  Because the economic environment has become increasingly difficult in recent years, one of the most crucial elements in the profitable dispersal of assets is identifying the most appropriate venue for the sale of each item.

We do this by evaluating each object as a separate piece rather than as a “collection” or a "lot" and utilize our extensive network of art and antique dealers, auction houses, interior designers, private collectors and other sources for the sale of each item to ensure the best marketplace conditions, allowing our clients achieve the highest return possible.


Our competitive fee for items taken on consignment is a thirty five percent (35%) commission based on the sale price for each item and is deducted from the gross sale amount.  This fee covers all marketing, advertising and storage costs for the duration of the consignment contract.  Any out-of-pocket costs for trucking or other required services (such as restoration and/or repairs) will be deducted from the sale amount before final payment is made to the consignor.  A Sales Report with a full accounting of the price realized for each item sold will accompany the payment due.

Packing, Shipping and Cleanout Services

When the need arises Sheridan Appraisers and Asset Liquidation of New York, LLC can assist with our full range of packing and shipping services for your fine art and personal property.  Knowing the correct way to crate art and other items-of-value during transport is critical in assuring they arrive at their final destination intact.  We also offer cleanout services where we leave the premises broom clean by a combination of contacting not-for-profit organizations where items can be donated (allowing for a non-cash charitable donation tax deduction for our client) and removal/disposal of rubbage and other items of little or no value.  Our crews are fully insured, and always work with the utmost care and respect for homes and businesses they enter and the property they handle.

We can also assist with:

  • Securing Storage facilities
  • Donation of items to charities
  • Third party sales
  • Long Distance Crating and Shipping


Restoration Resource

Sheridan Appraisers and Asset Liquidation of New York, LLC will broker or provide referrals for all types of restoration services including antiques, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, manuscripts and other forms of archival material.

Related Services

We also provide Appraisal Services for the purposes of probate resolution/estate tax and IRS submission, estate planning, fair equity/marital distribution, debt obligation, bankruptcy/liquidation and insurance underwriting as well as for non-cash charitable contributions.

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