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Sheridan Appraisers and Asset Liquidation of New York, LLC
Cooper Station, P.O. Box 550
New York, NY 10276-0550
Phone: (917) 445-4184

Experts in Personal Property Appraisals, Consignment Services & Asset Liquidation


Ronald Sheridan has provided Personal Property Appraisals and Asset Liquidation Services Throughout New York for More Than 35 Years


At Sheridan Appraisers and Asset Liquidation of New York, LLC, our mission is to provide  clients with an unparalleled level of service by providing detailed, highly-accurate fine art and personal property appraisals as well as all-inclusive asset liquidation services.  By tailoring services to meet the needs of a wide range of clientele, from private art collectors and corporate collections to those acting as a fiduciary of an estate, we provide a personalized approach to ensure each client has the information they need to safeguard their valuables, make informed decisions when acquiring new pieces or selling artworks they have in their collection. With extensive experience working with estates, the executor or executrix who may be responsible for settling the estate and dealing with such difficulties as equitable distribution among the heirs and/or liquidating the valuables can rely on our this experience to guide them through the process to a successful conclusion.


Personal Property Appraisal Reports

Our fine art and personal property appraisal reports can be used in the areas of probate resolution/estate tax and IRS submission, estate planning, fair equity/marital distribution, debt obligation, bankruptcy/liquidation and insurance underwriting as well as non-cash charitable contributions.

All appraisals prepared by Sheridan Appraisers and Asset Liquidation of New York, LLC adhere to professional and ethical guidelines as laid out by the Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and are completed by a USPAP-certified appraiser.

Association memberships: Appraiser Robert Cowell, candidate, American Society of Appraisers.


Liquidation and Consignment Services

For those who need to sell artworks, antiques, stamps or other collectibles, the contents of an estate, or just want to scale-down and have items-of-value they would like to liquidate, Sheridan Appraisers and Asset Liquidation of New York, LLC offers superior consignment sale services where we take the time to carefully market your property to the most qualified buyers to ensure we get the highest price possible for you.

Our full-service approach to both the appraisal and liquidation services we offer can help simplify a confusing and time-consuming process, while giving our clients the high-quality results they deserve.

For more information about our appraisal or  consignment services contact us today at (917) 445-4184 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .